Sunday, March 3, 2013

Never exploit search engine loopholes

Many people in my industry were hit hard by the penguin and panda updates. They found that the updates not only nullified prior search engine optimization efforts, but in many cases saw their rankings drop to all time lows.

Ethical marketing is important in all aspects of business marketing, but is probably most important in SEO and email marketing.

Both SEO and email marketing have had major algorithmic changed making it imperative that you follow honest business practices to succeed. It’s odd that we live in a time where these ethics must be explained in order for one to understand what the ethical practice is.

In search engine optimization and back linking the number one rule is to never exploit a loophole. Search engines have been viewing this as kicking them when they’re down. A search engine is in the business of providing the best results for a visitor. When you exploit a loophole in the search engines algorithms you are directly messing with their business. When the search engines discover that you have exploited them they are likely to blacklist you. We know this because we have seen it in the past. In fact a large part of both the penguin and panda updated were to close up exploited loopholes, thus so many optimization companies going under.

As I often say your best bet is to chase what the search engines are chasing. Search engines want to deliver high quality search results from high quality sites and businesses. You best bet for showing up is to create that high quality site that they are looking for. This way you and your site will always be relevant and valuable to the search engines results.

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